drink a cup of barley tea a day, drink health and alim

drink a cup of barley tea a day, drink health and alim

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In South Korea, grain cereals may attend the tea, on the most well-known of barley tea. barley tea is speculation bake-off on barley in boiling water in preparing the form, not only enticing aroma and rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fiber, and other useful material on the human body, many Koreans even used to barley tea drink water instead. It added that because the water at the same time, the body will not bring any burden.

Barley is cold, cold, after cooking will be weakened, some of the more moderate. After eating greasy food at the barley tea drink, you can go to oil, tired solutions, has played the spleen and stomach health, and help digestion and the role of long-term drinking can do to lose weight! Due to the barley tea has soothe the nerves of the role of static gas , Is more refreshing summer drink, and pleasant. If you like the taste of Iced, barley tea will be in cold storage at about 5 degrees Celsius for half an hour to an hour, the better the flavor.

In addition to the oil solution to greasy, barley tea body to help with "anti-pollution" effect. Modern society, more and more serious air pollution, automobile exhaust emissions of heavy metals such as lead on people''s health is also a growing threat. barley tea insist on drinking, can lead to lower concentrations of heavy metals, 8, played for the body to "clean-up". For busy people in the city, is ideal.

Li''s "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the evaluation of the barley tea "Sweet, the level of available consumer product consumption, flat stomach thirst, and heat in addition to heat, color-yi, is five internal organs, the Valley of the food Gong." According to Chinese medicine and , Barley and cool, sweet, salty; the spleen, stomach, spleen with Xiaoshi, thirst heat, the effectiveness of the diuretic, and so on, there is a certain role in purge. In particular, is the largest malt, which contains amylase, can increase gastric acid and pepsin, a digestive help of the effectiveness. barley tea has a temperature in the stomach and the role of Quhuo can, over the nature of green tea to more moderate and therefore not stomach the people drink. barley tea contain specific anti-cancer substance is contained in legumes P-p acid and the widespread use of drugs in the quercetin. Quercetin is now mainly used for blood pressure medicine.

barley tea also has a unique dietary fiber. The tea-soluble dietary fiber, can stomach the "garbage" out of the body, is easy, health, will not bring any extra burden and the heat. In addition, dietary fiber can reduce the body of cholesterol and fat absorption. barley tea baking in the process of fragrance material Pyrazine, barley tea will not only enhance the taste, but also to prevent higher cholesterol, lower blood viscosity. The law does not usually diet drink a day barley tea, the prevention of obesity and the "three high".

barley tea does not contain theophylline, caffeine, tannin, and other irritating substances, it will not affect sleep, it will not be excited. For many neurasthenia, hi tea, but usually there''s people who are troubled by insomnia, barley tea is the best kind of drinks, tea and enjoy the Ganxiang and useful body, even before going to bed can also rest assured that drinking . barley tea long-term drinking can play a beauty, and weight loss. barley tea-containing anti-cancer substance of a certain cancer preventive effect. But the need to pay attention to the big malt on the mother is breast-feeding women to the role of milk.

barley tea can also be done at home, bought in barley, should pay attention to the selection of full particles, the surface is shiny and bright, sharp at both ends and in the middle of the drum shape the rules of the big grain, barley such a fresh, high-nutrient content. Barley about the water washing, water and air dry, pan fried on low heat, stir constantly, about half an hour to 40 minutes, barley will gradually shallow brown, Mai Xiang be just fine. The process is relatively long, but can have their own temperature, not too much of fried barley paste. Speculation on the good tea to drink with the tank sealed with the check.

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