Cracking the formula

Cracking the formula
sports supplements

Nutritional powders and shakes are traditionally seen to be the domain of weightlifters and muscle-men. However, there is much more to it than that, as there are just as many mixtures for speed and endurance as there are for bulking up and building size.

Sports supplements for runners, swimmers and footballers need to ensure that they are healthy and can build muscle, but not so much that it would make them too bulky - therefore slowing them down and rendering all their training useless.

Endurance boosting products offer carbohydrates and electrolytes to give the athlete more energy, increased stamina, vitamin replacement whilst exercising, carbohydrates and post-training recovery. It achieves this by combining long chain glucose polymers (that offer slow and steady energy supply) with the right amount of fast acting simple sugars (for more rapid energy replacement) and fructose – more commonly known as fruit sugar – to replace glycogen.

Other options available are more health-conscious options, such as formulas to help combat colds and flu. Given the length of time such an illness can leave a person out of their training regime, it is imperative they avoid falling ill at all costs. Combining such so-called “super greens” with echinacea and other such ingredients allows the user to fully prepare themselves as well as they can against falling ill during a rigorous training schedule.

Also, for those taking up sport training to burn fat, there are formulas available to make that process easier too. Using stimulants such as caffeine and citrus aurantium encourages the body to burn fat reserves much quicker than it typically would, making for a scientific way of burning excess fat as energy. Of course, because of the additives, products such as these need to be carefully considered before use, just in case there are any products contained within it that could cause the user problems.

So whilst the tubs of formula may only look like the mainstay of bodybuilders, a closer look should most certainly prove otherwise.